Useful Links

  American Radio Relay League ARRL                             

  Resources for getting a ham license                              

  Ham Resource Site                                                          

  Tons of Ham Resources, All Topics                                

  Call sign database, equipment for sale, resources       

  Crystals and other resource information                        

 3905 Century Club DX Net                                   

 Ham Classifieds                                                                

 Great vendor                                                                      

  Vendor with lots of antenna information                         

 Palestine Anderson County Amateur Radio Club, resource for ARES     

  Scout Handbook                                                                              

  PSK-31 and Digital                  

 Logging Software, Prolog 2K                                  

 Stan's Tektronix Site           

  AMSAT Home Page                 

  Amateur Radio on the International Space Station

  APRS Resource Site                           

  Introduction to Packet, TNC, Digipeaters 


  Electronic Theory - Downloadable                     

  Crystal Radios                                             

 Guide for New Hams                                         


  Anderson Power Pole Ideas   (Instant Download)

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