Vintage Test Equipment

During college, I developed a great interest in Electronic Test Equipment. I taught Electronics at Navarro College and later at Texas A&M University. During these times, I particularly became interested in Tektronix equipment and was able to work later with Tektronix in the Dallas Field Office.


I started my own Management Consulting Business after a few years and began to have children and family responsibilities. After many years of work to support my family, I found time to get back to my “hobby” of old test equipment. I found Ebay and began to collect a number of Tektronix scopes and other related test equipment. I eventually was able to create a calibration lab, with a Tektronix 547 scope as a base. I have collected a variety of Tek scopes and am in the process of bringing them up to specs.


During college, we had a lab in which we could build electronic equipment. I have been able to create a small version of that lab and have added a variety of home built equipment to my work benches. Being a ham operator adds to the excitement because much of what is built is used in ham related activities.


Life is fun!!!


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